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The group of houses is located about 55 klm from a valley between Kronio hill, river Alfios and the tributary of Kladeo where is stretched out, one of the more important archaeological spaces of Greece Ancient Olympia, with appreciated mean 800 visitors daily.

The historical Castle Chlemoutsi is placed in distance of 1,5 klm from Anastasia Villas where the visitors can find restaurants, taverns, cafeterias Mini Market, Pharmacy.

The harbour of Killini abstains 6 klm from Anastasia Villas where visitors can visit two of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea Zakinthos (1 hour sea trip) and Kefalonia (2 hours sea trip)

Also the visitors can found Baths of Kyllini in a ten minutes distance from the Castle. The bigger extent of region is covered by pinewood, which leads to beach of big length. The name of baths "Loutra Killinis" have been given from the medical sources where have been located over there from the Ancient years. Today there is a spa in operation.

Baths of Loutra Killinis are well known from the antiquity as "Baths of Pafsanias". The water of Baths constitute precious therapeutic factor, mainly for disturbances of respiratory system

According to certain testimonies, the sources are connected with the fable of king Aniliagou (who probably suffered from relative illness of respiratory or dermal nature) and with the underground tunnel appearring from Ilida to the region of Castle.

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